Water Main Break and Boil Order Information


Water Main Break and Boil Order Information


Due to recent freezing and thawing temperatures, the City has encountered frequent water main breaks.  Some breaks result in a total loss of service, some only in low pressure.  Some require a Boil Order, while others do not.


If you experience low pressure or loss of service, please call Public Works at 309-647-5022.  If your issue occurs outside of regular business hours (M-F 8am-5pm), please call the non-emergency police dispatch center (309-647-5131) or visit the Canton Police Department Facebook page. 


Current Water Main Breaks Requiring A Boil Order


None at this time


In the event of a Boil Order, residents should first run their tap a bit until water runs clear.  Then any water used for consumption or cooking must be brought to a full, rolling boil and then boiled for at least one minute, then cooled before use.

Boil Orders are in effect until the City receives the laboratory results to clear the order, which takes a day or two.  


Please contact Public Works at 309-647-5022 with any questions. 















Contact Public Works with any questions at 647-5022.