Special Operations

The Special Operation Division handles several tasks. This division includes two detectives and a school resource officer. The primary function of the Special Operations Division is the investigation of crimes and the investigation of illegal narcotics trafficking, sex crimes, juvenile crimes.




The Canton Police Department Special Operations Division assists the Patrol Division when follow-up investigations are needed. Often times this is because of the following reasons: lack of available time and resources, unable to locate person(s) involved in the investigation or the need for specialized evidence collection. Investigators pick up where the patrol division left off and attempt to uncover the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident.


Investigators handle both criminal and non-criminal cases. Criminal cases are incidents of a violation of the Illinois Compiled Statutes and non-criminal cases include such cases as death investigations (suicide, accidents, etc.), missing persons complaints (juvenile and adult), background investigations (for employment, bartender license, liquor license, etc.) Detectives receive specialized training in interview and interrogation, death investigation, crime scene processing and photography.  Investigators are required to be on a 24 hour call out rotation.

The Special Operations Division is a liaison with other police agencies (local, state and federal). Often agencies work cases together where crimes occur in multiple jurisdictions.


Narcotics Investigations


The Canton Police Department has a commitment to fighting illegal narcotics within our community. The Special Operations Division works numerous narcotics investigations. Operation Charlotte's Web was a federal crack cocaine conspiracy, which resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects in the sale and distribution of crack cocaine. It is important to note that if it were not for the concerned citizens of our community, many narcotic investigations would go unnoticed. It is a combined effort of both the community and the Canton Police Department that helps keep the illegal narcotics off of the streets.