Elderly Service Officer

The Elderly Service program is another form of the Canton Police Department's Community Oriented policing efforts. The program is a partnership between the Canton Police Department and the citizens of Canton who are 60 years of age or older. The Elderly Service program is designed to work with senior citizens to create permanent solutions to problems, thereby enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens in the community or neighborhood.
The program was implemented to provide law enforcement with a tool to better connect with the elderly population. Today's culture is deeply elderly phobic. People have a fear of the aging process and a prejudice against the old that clouds their perceptions about what it means to grow old in America.

Senior citizens are the fastest growing segment in America today. With continuing improvements in life styles and medical technology, we are living longer and healthier. It is reported that older Americans control 70% of the money in this country. The down side is, as we live longer we may be more likely to become a victim of crime.