Spotlight of the Month

April 2021

Canton Main Street is happy to announce the April Spotlight of the month, Canton Elks Lodge #626, located at 61 W. Elm St. The Canton Elks Lodge was established in July of 1901 and still has 465 members to this day.

The Canton Elks Lodge is one of the oldest organizations established in Canton that is still in operation today. The organization was originally located in a 4-story building on Elm St. where they are currently located. They used the basement of the building, and it operated as a hotel until the late 1970’s when a fire burnt it completely down.They then constructed the building they are in today. To become a member when the organization was first formed, dues were $12 per year (about the equivalent of $375 in 2021), and dues today run about $60annually.

One of the Canton Elks Lodge’s focuses, is giving back to the community. They hold several fundraisers for a variety of community organizations each year. In a typical year the Elks Lodge will donate $10,000 back towards community programs such as veterans’ programs, school lunch programs, food pantries, and honor flights. The motto of the lodge is “Elks care, Elks share”. The Canton Elks Lodge also helps host the Easter Egg hunt each year, and there were over 6,000 eggs this year!

The Canton Elks Lodge #626 can be contacted at 309-647-0200 and followed via their Facebook page @elks626.

Elks Lodge
61 W Elm St.
Canton, IL 61520
(309) 647-0200