Christmas Tree Disposal

Canton residents have a couple of options to dispose of live Christmas trees. One option is to leave the tree at the curb, and it may get picked up by a local farmer or landowner. Discarded evergreens are often put into ponds or lakes to provide cover for fish populations.

Another option is to transport the tree to the Landscape Waste facility on Cedar Street. This facility is open every day from dawn to dusk, and any type of biodegradable landscape waste can be deposited there for free.

Lastly, any trees left at the curb in mid-January will then be picked up by Public Works along with the regular garbage. Public Works generally waits a week or two after the holidays to allow farmers to pick up trees first.

In all cases, all lights and decorations must be removed from the tree first. Public Works will not pick up trees with decorations or lights.

Contact Public Works with any questions, at 309-647-5022.