City Boards & Commissions

The following are boards and commissions that are active in our current administration. Residents of Canton are encouraged to take an active role in serving on these boards and commission. If interested in serving on a board or commission, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 309-647-0065.

Planning and Zoning

Purpose: to evaluate zoning dilemmas and plans for construction to ensure they are compliant with City ordinances.
Mayoral Appointees: 12 / Length of term: 5 years

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners

Purpose:  to appoint all officers and members of the fire and poice departments, except for the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department, to make promotions within the departments, and to conduct testing of applicants. 
Mayoral Appointees: 3 / Length of term: 3 years

Police Pension and Fire Pension Boards

Purpose: to serve as trustees of these funds and to carry out any business of the funds in accordance with Illinois State Statutes.
Mayoral Appointees: 2 each / Length of term: 2 years

Liquor Control Commission

Purpose: serves as an advisory board to the mayor, who acts as ex officio Liquor Commissioner.  This commission monitors the businesses that hold City of Canton liquor licenses.
Mayoral Appointees: 2 / Length of term: 1 year

Revolving Loan Committee

Purpose: to evaluate loan requests in the Revolving Loan Program and then monitor its administration.
Mayoral Appointees: 5 / Length of term: 1 year

Library Board

Purpose: to serve as the governing body for Parlin Ingersoll Library
Mayoral Appointees: 9 / Length of term: 3 years

Spoon River Partnership for Economic Development

Purpose: to work with the SRPED director to serve as a catalyst for economic and community development by capitalizing on community partnerships, business development opportunities and implementation of programs and projects that foster growth and development.
Mayoral Appointees: 1 / Length of term: 3 years