City Accounting


Budget: The Annual Budget can be found on the Financial Documents page.

Purchasing Policies: The City of Canton requires a wide variety of commodities and services to help the City Departments serve the Citizens of Canton. We depend on you, the vendors and contractors, to help us provide these services. The complete City of Canton Purchasing Policy is available at City Hall in the Treasurer’s office.  
A Vendor ACH Form is available below.

Exempt Tax Status: The City of Canton is exempt from all Federal excise and State sales taxes and documentation may be requested from the Treasurers office by calling (309) 647-6691.


Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax: The City of Canton collects 5% hotel occupancy tax on all hotel or motel room rentals within the City limits. A portion of monies collected for hotel motel room rentals is paid to other agencies, based upon request and approval by council.

Motor Fuel Tax: The City of Canton collects a per gallon motor fuel tax. Motor fuel taxes collected by the City are deposited into the Motor Fuel Tax fund to be used for road construction projects within the city limits.

Property Tax: Property taxes are assessed in December each year and attached as an enforceable lien on the property as of January 1. The taxes become collectible in June and September and are collected by the Fulton County Treasurer who in turn remits to the respective taxing body their share. Contact the Fulton County Assessment office at (309) 647-3041 for all information related to property taxes.