Executive Board & Committees

The Canton Area Heritage Center’s Board of Directors and Committees manage the operations of the heritage center.

2024-2025 Officers and Executive Board

Chairman Jack Pollitt; Acquisitions and Facilities Committees

Vice Chairman Phil Gregory; Facilities Committee Co-chair

Secretary Mary Lou Kuchan; Acquisitions Committee

Treasurer Jim Morgan; Facilities Committee Co-chair

Jan Bruster, Programs Committee

Erika Davis, Programs Committee

John Froehling, Promotion Committee Co-Chair

Dean Gibson, Acquisitions Committee

Roy Hopper, Acquisitions Committee

Kathleen Myers, Programs Committee

Mary Pollitt, Acquisitions Committee

Harold Rose, Programs Committee

Debbie Stephenson, Acquisitions Registrar; Promotion Committee Co-Chair

Michael Walters, Acquisitions Committee Chair; Fundraising Committee

Cheryl Bielema, Programs Committee Chair; Fundraising Committee

Board of Directors
Cheryl Bielema, Jan Bruster, Erika Davis, John Froehling, Dean Gibson, Phil Gregory, Roy Hopper, Mary Lou Kuchan, Jim Morgan, Kathy Myers, Jack Pollitt, Mary Pollitt, John Putman, Harold Rose, Debbie Stephenson, and Mike Walters

Acquisitions/Exhibitions Committee
Mike Walters, Chair. Debbie Stephenson, Registrar. Dean Gibson, Roy Hopper, Mary Lou Kuchan, Jack Pollitt, Mary Pollitt, and Kevin Stephenson

Facilities Committee
Phil Gregory and Jim Morgan, Co-Chairs. Jack Pollitt and John Putman.

Fundraising Committee
Cheryl Bielema, Convenor. Helen Crosby, Jim Morgan, John Putman, Mike and Susan Walters

Programs Committee
Cheryl Bielema, Chair. Janice Bruster, Hannah Cox, Erika Davis, Martha Harr, Kathy Myers, Harold Rose, and Christy Semande

Promotion/Marketing Committee
John Froehling and Debbie Stephenson, Co-Chairs. Kevin Stephenson