Members & Donors

Memberships and donations to the Heritage Center are solicited annually. These memberships and donations help with meeting the mission and vision of the Canton Area Heritage Center. We invite you to become a member or a major donor today! Download form below with details.

2024 Membership Form

Major Donors

Individuals, businesses and community organizations may donate to the Canton Area Heritage Center. Donations are tax-deductible, as the museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donors at the Founder and Benefactor levels will be publicly recognized unless they wish to remain anonymous. Click on the bars below to see these generous donors.

  • Founder: $1,000+
  • Benefactor: $500-$999
  • Sustaining Donor: $250-$499
  • Contributing Donor: $150-$249

We recognize donors who contribute $1,000.00 and above as a Founder.

Dana Smith, Pres., Canton Main Street

Robert Senneff, CEO, Graham Hospital Association

Kent McDowell, Mayor, City of Canton

Dr. James Farlik

George H. Mills

Dr. Roland Pettit

Kelvin Sampson

Joe D. Stone

Ray & Emily Cleer

Wendy Mayall, Mngr., Helping Hands Resale Shoppe

Dr. John & Myrna Welch

Jim Murphy, President, CFC Properties, Inc. Bloomington, IN

The Honorable Elizabeth A. Kovachevich


Those who contribute $500.00-$999.00 are named Benefactors.

Ron & Dr. Cheryl Bielema

Brooks & Mary Ellen Carver

Robert Chick

Kevin & Teresa Meade

Jim & Arlene Morgan

Dr. Roland Pettit

Jack & Mary Pollitt

Paul & Roberta Reber

Max & Cheryl Scott

Jack & Ruth Walker

Michael & Susan Walters

Ray Cleer

Wendy Mayall, Helping Hands Resale Shoppe

Contact Information

Please call 309-647-2242 for more information on contributions options available. Completed forms and fees can be mailed to Canton Area Heritage Center, ATTN: James Morgan, P.O. Box 526, Canton, IL 61520.

Membership Levels

  • Student/Senior (age 65+): $15
  • Individual: $20
  • Family: $35
  • Club/Organization: $50
  • Business/Commercial: $100

Below are lists of current members who support our mission. We have begun to receive Memorials in honor of former residents. If you would like to recognize a family member or friend in this way, we ask that you include his/her full name (including maiden name), dates of his/her birth and death, and a little about their lives, along with the memorial gift.


Lee Ann Bennie*

Gary R. Bouc**

Judy Brooks**

Linda Brown*

Bill & Ellie Carlberg**

Elizabeth A. Clark**

Ray Cleer**

Helen Crosby**

Carol Davis**

Nancy P. Elson**

J. Kent & Susan Fawcett**

Sue Freiley**

David Giagnoni**

Janice Germann**

Dean Gibson**

Phil Gregory**

Martha Harr*

Bruce Flynn**

Roy Hopper**

Jo Johnson**

Susan Osborn Jones**

Lou Jones*

Michael & Melanie Jurlando**

Maxine Leezer**

Kay Long**

Jim Morgan**

Eldon Myers Jr.**

Roland Pettit**

Norman & Liz Pollitt*

Gloria Pschirrer*

Elaine Putrich**

Stanley Ransom**

Maura Neighbors**

Larry Stanfel**

Beverly Tanner**

Christina Tomasic**

Bernita Trigg**

Diana Martin Wade**

Tabitha Watson**

Paul & Charlotte Buell**

Mary Williams**

Darlene King**

Robert Anderson*

Janet McCaughey**

Miriam Simerly*

Stephen Soldwedel**

Elizabeth Ellis**

Robert Chick**

Steve & Debby DeRenzy**

Calvin Korf*

Jeremy Krock**

Kathleen Madden**

Roland Pettit**

Bonnie Watkins**

Donald Barnett *

Mary Louise Bishop**

Margaret Campbell**

Adrianne Cowan**

Janice Dare Bruster**

Patti Goyen**

George H. Mills**

Fred & Sharon Odendahl*

Dorwin Pete Peterson**

Barb Ranallo**

Harold Rose*

Jim Morgan**

Kathleen Myers**

Jack & Mary Pollitt**

Ellen Melton**

Monica Conner*

Susan Orendorff Cooper**

Maida Williams**

Ryan Kozelichki**

Vinnie Cufaude**

Betty Ann Manock*

Jane Schwerer Thro**

Sheila K. Dye**

Elizabeth A. Ellis*

Willard R. Knott**

Mike Tucker**

Jeanine Standard**

John Malone**

Gary Grzanich**

Theresa Wilcoxen**

Deborah S. Zaborac**

*2022 or **2023 dues or donation received


Brett & Buffy Barnhart**

Cheryl & Ron Bielema**

Ron & Kim Bunner**

Pat & Fran Carter**

Brooks & Mary Ellen Carver**

Guy & Allison Coleman**

Lisa Thompson**

Greg & Susan Derry**

Dale & Carol (Combs) Ely**

Jackie & Dacia Fouts**

Lynn D. Fuller*

David & Paula Grigsby**

Joe & Kelly Havens**

Don & Connie Heller**

Claudia & Terry Moss**

Charles & Jo Ellen Albertson**

Bill & Mary Lou Kuchan**

Bill & Judy Leitze**

Richard & Norma Lindsey**

Charlie & Barbara Luthy**

Wendy Martin*

Bob & Katie Matusik*

Kevin & Teresa Meade**

Darrell & Peggy Meisinger**

John & Beverly Morrell**

John & Mary Nelson**

Larry & Diane Nelson**

Paul & Roberta Reber**

Tim & Amy Svob**

Carolyn West**

Max & Cheryl Scott**

Ken & Helen St. Clair**

Kevin & Debbie Stephenson**

Jim & Charlotte Van Sickle*

Mike & Keely Vollmar**

Mark & JoEllen Welch**

Nancy Mellican**

Dan & Donna O’Bryant**

Ira & Connie Ludlum**

Dave & Andrea Barbknecht*

Bruce & Jennifer Beal*

James & Karen Farlik**

Tim & Betsy Gilmore**

Laura Hepp Kessel*

Amanda Sampson**

Gene & Donna Stuckey**

Michael & Susan Walters**

*2022 and **2023 dues or donation received

Business or Organization

Mark Bixler
Mbixler Legacy Media**

Carla Bobell, Exec. Director
Canton Area Chamber of Commerce**

Dave Lewis, Owner David Lewis Studio, Ltd.**

Barbara Long, Exec. Director
Fulton County Rehabilitation Center**

Wendy Mayall, Store Mngr.
Helping Hands Resale Shoppe**

Cole McDaniel, Exec. Director
Spoon River Partnership for Economic Development**

Kent McDowell, Mayor
City of Canton**

Robert Senneff, President & CEO
Graham Health System**

Dr. Curt Oldfield, President, Spoon River College

Dana Smith, President
Canton Main Street**

Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor State Farm Insurance**

Aaron & Veanna Thum,
Crawford’s Home Furnishings**

Pastor Steve Mason, First Christian Church**

Rick Klinedinst, President & CEO, MidAmerica National Bank**

Andrew Gregory, Realtor, Tucson, AZ **

Jim Murphy, President, CFC Properties, Inc., Bloomington, IN

Antoinette Dillefeld/Andy Sepich, Croatian Fraternal Union**


In memory of Gregory A. Campbell, Canton, IL, (12/1/1946-12/17/2021) by Margaret Campbell, Canton, IL

In memory of Robert Raymond Hubbs, Sunnyvale, CA, (8/17/1936-1/30/2021) by Adrianne Hubbs Cowan, Canton, IL

In memory of Karen Phillips Korf, Nokomis, FL, (9/22/1938-8/8/2021) by Calvin Korf, Nokomis, FL

In memory of Daniel Boniface Kovachevich (7/12/1907-2/28/1994) and Emilie Mary Kuchan Kovachevich (12/8/1900-2/21/1992) and Charles Kuchan Sr. (12/24/1872-8/19/1953) and Bessie Kuchan (2/27/1873-9/17/1948) by The Honorable Elizabeth A. Kovachevich, Tampa, FL