Featured Exhibits

The Canton Area Heritage Center provides a place to showcase artifacts and to capture Canton’s compelling history of 190 years for those who follow us. This is done through the featured exhibits that are available for viewing at the Heritage Center Museum. The Museum was made possible in partnership with Graham Hospital Association

P&O Plow Works/International Harvester

This display showcases the IH Clock by which the entire shop kept time. Also, see “Little Toot,” new IH Credit Union keepsakes, and much more of these two companies that were the economic drivers of our region for over a century.

WBYS – “The Voice of Fulton County”

WBYS has been “The Voice of Fulton County” since going on the air October 5, 1947. Listen to actual WBYS recordings of news events in Fulton County history in addition to notable other happenings over the years. Couple that with pictures putting faces with the voices heard for decades and you have the WBYS exhibit at the Heritage Center Museum.

Camp Ellis

Located on 17,500 acres near Ipava, Table Grove and Bernadotte. This area was selected for Camp Ellis because of its isolation and terrain to house German POW’s during World War II and also as an Army Support Training Center. There are many interesting stories to be told and several books have been written about this camp which operated three years, 1943-1945; then, was downsized quickly after the war. Come in to view Camp Ellis and other military artifacts.

What’s all at the Museum?

The Heritage Center Museum displays a large variety of history on Canton and the surrounding area, that highlights the history of Health Care, the history of Mining in Fulton County, Local Musicians and Famous Performers, Cigar Manufacturing and much more! Make sure to visit the museum to see them in person!